Tisco Parts Catalog: Help

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The Tisco Electronic Parts Catalog program allows you to quickly find parts, create orders, and even submit orders electronically. The Order Form can be printed or submitted directly to TISCO via an internet connection. No special setup is needed to submit the order electronically. Parts are organized by brand, machine, model, and category. Many parts are universal fit and can be found by selecting “All Brands” as the brand and then expanding the tree into Parts Categories.  The Arrow keys functional in many areas of the software and can assist you to quickly navigate to the next part category or part number. The Tab key is also functional within the View Order, order form page.  


Navigation and searching for parts can be done two ways; either by selecting the brand (1) then expanding the “Tree”, or by selecting the "Search/Quick Browse" tab and using the drop down boxes (2). Once the search is capable of providing a narrowed list based on your criteria, the list will appear in the Search Results page. The final method of navigation is to enter the part number and select the search button (3). The Part Number Search will result in a list of all parts that the parts numbers that “contain” the part numbers entered into the search box. For example; entering part number 12345 will return all parts that contain this sequence of numbers (either beginning with, imbedded, or ending with). For best results, enter as much of the part number as possible.  The Tree and Quick Browse searches operate independent and you are able to switch between the two, however the Parts results screen will need to be refreshed manually. To refresh manually, reselect the part category in the Tree or select View Selections in the Quick Browse. 











Find Parts with Tree View

Navigating in the Tree is done by “clicking” on the folders to expand/and collapse. Once you have navigated to a finished folder, the parts within that folder will automatically populate in the Search Results page.

Changing brands is done by selecting a different brand from the header row. The Tree will automatically be reset with the folders from the selected brand. Once the parts list is populated, select the appropriate part to display details, price, photo, and to add it to an order.








Quick Browse Part Number Search

Navigating in Quick Browse is done by typing the part number (or partial part number) into the Part Number Search box and clicking on Search or <enter>



The results will include all part numbers that contain the sequence of numbers/letters that you entered. Containing is defined as; in the order you typed, located anywhere within the complete part number or as a complete part number. 


Quick Browse Brand/Type/Model

Navigating in the Brand/Type/Model Drop Down Quick Browse is done by selecting the Brand – Type – Model, then further refining your search by Product family and part Category. You can choose to View Selections at any time and the results will be displayed in the Search Results screen.












Once you have navigated to your desired destination, select View Selection and the parts will automatically populate in the Search Results page.

Changing brands/type/model or categories is can be done at any time, however you will need to select the View Selection button to refresh the Search Results screen. Select the appropriate part to display details, price, photo, and to add it to an order.








Quick Browse by Family/Category

Navigating in the Family/Category Drop-Down Quick Browse is done by selecting the Product Family – Part Category then View Selections and the results will be displayed in the Search Results screen.






Search Results Parts List

The Search Results screen is where the filtered list of your search criteria is displayed. The list may be one or many part numbers. It is your next step to select the part from that list to display details, price, photo, and to add it to an order.







Part Detail

Once a part number is selected from the Search Result screen (1), the part detail, description, picture, and price will appear at the bottom of the Parts screen. It is here that you can select the Add to Order button and the part will be placed into your new order form. To add this part to your order form, select the Add to Order button (2). Once the Add to Order button is selected, the Order Form tab will turn red and the Order Total will be adjusted with the Dealer Net price of the item. To view the Dealer net price on this screen, press the Show DNET button (3). 









Order Form

To view the contents and to submit an order, select the Order Form tab. The Order Form tab will remember certain information about your account, but you will need to enter a new PO number, special instructions (if applicable), and review the ship to destination for each order. The Store # is used to indicate the store identifier for accounts with multiple locations.





You will need to enter your appropriate order class, for example to receive special promotion discounts we often will require the use of an order class or promotion code.









Submit Order to Tisco

Once your order is complete, you have two option of submitting it to TISCO. The first is to print and fax the order form to Customer Assistance at 1-800-356-5487. The second option is to select the Submit Order button an transmit the order directly to TISCO.

An internet connect is required to submit the order directly. To continue the direct submit, you will be required to enter your TISCO web logon password.  Once the order has been successfully transmitted to TISCO you will receive a confirmation and the choice to clear or retain the order data.